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Frigate Limited is a pioneer Political/Media Relations, Business and Human Capital Development Consultancy company that has been in business for over 25 years helping politicians and political parties to professionally conduct their activities. We give technical advises to existing businesses and also establish businesses for individuals who are interested in investing their resources. In addition to these, we train human capital for optimum productivity, effectiveness, efficiency and peak performance.


We apply customized and varied strategies to achieve the desired result and customer satisfaction.


Human nature is dynamic and sometimes fluid. So also are the societies of the world.

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We always apply expert knowledge in undertaking our clients’ jobs to guarantee quality service delivery in record time.

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Are You Desirous Of Establishing A Business Or Have Your Staff Trained?

 Political Parties play varied roles in any political terrain. One such role is providing a platform for a political contest. So, when a group goes through the legal process of registration, forgather and agree to put their support on specified candidates in elections and run their affairs jointly, a party is born.

It is in trying to help Politicians and Political Parties achieve their goals that the Frigate Limited Political Party & Campaign Management/Media Relations Services was put together

Our focus as a Business Management & Human Capital Development Organisation is to help frontline Senior Management Staff develop skills and attitudes that will make the business optimally productive and efficient.

Frigate Limited has developed a highly skilled team of experts, each with outstanding operational track record in their core fields. The under listed are some of the courses we have available.

Branding is all about shaping people’s perception and content packaging thereby positioning the product, service, political party or individual for effective marketing, acceptability and market space.


  • Social Media
  • Print Media
  • Electronic Media
  • Souvenirs
  • Printed materials

Emotions, whether high or low can last for minutes, hours, days, weeks or months and within this period, it affects our relationships, productivity, assignments, creativity, the environment, personal happiness, physical and mental health etc. Human emotions can be fickle. It’s always fluctuating. Therefore, for our relationships, assignments, personal happiness, productivity, effectiveness, creativity, efficiency of mind, physical and mental health, our emotions must be managed.

  • Books
  • Biographies
  • Editing

Man can never overcome the limited nature of time. Nonetheless, if you are interested in writing a book/books, your biography or editing a manuscript. Our team will deliver quality service in record time.

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